Why Astrology?

Just like the complex dynamics of our lives,

the planets are always in motion.

Astrology offers a lens through which we can observe the nuanced, overlapping, often contradictory forces at work both around and within us. It’s a window into cosmic timing, allowing us to place ourselves in a much larger context than our brains can usually conceive of. And it helps us grasp the lessons the universe is teaching us, both as individuals and as communities, cultures, and ultimately as a species.

Specifically in the United States and on Turtle Island,

the current astrology speaks loud and clear to the drama in our headlines. The corruption of the government is on full display, though many are still not ready to see how bad it really is. Hatred and violence are bubbling up all around us, and we feel helpless to stop it. A recently released scientific report predicts massive destruction from climate change in the next decades—but despite our awareness and best efforts, as a society, we continue to march towards that destiny.

Yet, as astrology teaches, all things move in cycles. We are at the end of an old one, and the beginning of a new one—and each of us plays a crucial role in the transformation.

That means the work we do on a personal level - in our relationships, our families, our creative and professional pursuits, our search for authentic identities, and our spiritual evolution - is all part of the process.

A reading can help you understand the unique set of energies you are working with.

You came into this world with distinct character traits, desires and needs; you are also being called to adapt to different vibrations as the planets shift. A reading will help you place yourself in the larger contexts of shifts happening in the human consciousness, without losing sight of who you are as an individual.

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