the Pluto Return of the USA

I began working on Activist Astro and writing about the US Pluto Return in 2018. Obviously things have evolved a lot since then. The Pluto Return continues to be the central focus of my work at Activist Astro, but the process of developing new content around this volatile transit has been a slow one, so for now, the most comprehensive info I have to offer you is a little out of date. More coming soon... for now, here's the essence.

Intro to the Pluto Return of the USA, written summer 2018

The Pluto return of the USA

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ON JULY 4th, 1776, the planet Pluto was at 27 degrees and 33 arch minutes of the zodiacal sign of Capricorn. Today, Pluto is slowly approaching that point again, for the first time since the Declaration of Independence was signed. It will officially return to the exact location on Feb. 20, 2022. However, the effects of this dramatic astrological transit have been in motion for the past decade, and will continue to intensify over the next several years.


It needs not be said that these are challenging times; but hasn’t every moment of human history been filled with struggle? 


In a word: yes. 

Yet I would propose that on Turtle Island, this phase is unique, as we are witnessing the end and beginning of a long-term cycle that the USA has never experienced before. We cannot quantify the challenges of one era compared to another—but there are some very specific archetypal forces at play right now. They are both intimidating and exciting, and they illustrate a climactic moment in the American experiment.


The sign of Capricorn is related to systems and structures. Governments, religions, militaries, organizations, corporations, economies, and also physical infrastructure all fall into this category. The United States became “the most powerful country in the world” by developing these structures—literally on the backs and the graves of millions of other humans. Our origins of slavery and genocide mean that there’s always been a rot at the core of the American experiment, and that systems we depend on are much less stable than we realize. It’s always been only a matter of time until they collapse.


Pluto may have been demoted by astronomers to a “minor planet,’ but its energetic presence is anything but minor. In mythology, Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, the one who destroys in order to create. In astrology, it represents the impersonal force that drives all life forward. And in real, day-to-day life, Pluto often shows up as the times when we face “grow or die” situations. Its visits are rarely pleasant, but we always emerge from them transformed.


Ultimately, Pluto asks us to let go of what’s not working and birth something new. When we don’t want to let go, Pluto is not known for its gentleness. But when we are open, and willing to keep doing the work with courage and integrity, Pluto represents a powerful opportunity for complete metamorphosis; a chance to experience evolution in real-time.


This is the opportunity facing America today. If you live on this land, if you consider yourself invested in its future—then this is YOUR opportunity, personally, collectively, and everything in between. Are you ready to step up?

Instagram summary post, December 2020

Cringe-y, barely edited video recorded in August 2019