There aren't really words to describe how grateful I am to do the work I do, with the people I get to work with. Thanks you so much so the humans below, as well as everyone I've had the honor of reading for or somehow connecting with. & thanks to the spirits, who are actually "doing" everything.

My session was so insightful and grounding. Hummingbird held such a calm space and the information she shared brought so much clarity for the situations I was facing in my life. I didn’t understand why I was struggling so much with my interpersonal relationships, but the astrology affirmed all the life lessons I was learning, and helped me move through a lot of stuck energy that wanted to be cleared. Now I feel like I can move through obstacles with grace.


Hummingbird’s ability to tap into Spirit's guidance has been profoundly helpful in my life. I came to her for guidance on a situation in  my relationship and she gave me a lot of helpful perspectives that I hadn’t considered. Her reading helped me see the bigger picture and the karmic threads that could be playing out, and as a result my nervous system was able to relax. After sitting with the reading it felt like tension patterns in my body unraveled and stuck energy started moving. I felt seen, and supported by her and Spirit. If you are looking for a clear voice to provide guidance and loving support, Hummingbird is it!




My reading with Hummingbird was informative, moving, expansive. I learned so much about myself, things about my life or my personality that always puzzled me are now clear, and being able to hold space for my complex nature has vastly changed my self-talk and self-compassion. Hummingbird was delightful - she takes you on a journey within yourself, explains things in a way that is clear and easy to remember, and delivers it all with a light and infectious excitement.



Hummingbird's reading was shockingly resonant and relevant. I will be thinking about it for a long time! The way the cards Hummingbird pulled and interpreted were so relevant to my life at present was nothing short of goosebump inducing.


Thank you so much for this reading. I cried twice while watching the video. This is not the first time I've had my trans identity reflected back to me in tarot readings, but I didn't know that it was reflected in my astrology and so it was so affirming and fascinating to hear you reflect on androgyny and unconventional gender expression inherent in my chart.


This reading was so informative. Hummingbird pointed out things in my chart I had noticed but not thought much about and invited me to think about them in such different ways. As tarot often goes, one of the cards that was pulled during the reading was a card I had recently pulled for myself, and again Hummingbird's interpretation of the card's meaning and ways to think about it were so rich and deep. I didn't feel like I was getting new information, but being asked to see familiar things in a different light, from a new angle which brought both clarity and nuance. I will definitely be working with Hummingbird again based on this reading.


I always have this amazing experience with Hummingbird.  I feel like she really hears and listens to me and is able to give me in depth information from the parts of my chart that are most pertinent to what I am going through. I always leave feeling a greater sense of clarity and support, and like I got exactly the information I was needing and then some. For anyone who feels the need to be heard and validated in their experience, Hummingbird is truly amazing—she has incredible insight and a beautiful way of weaving metaphor, stories, archetypes, and more into the lessons and information her clients are seeking.


The whole reading felt pretty on point with where I’ve been, where I’m at, and what might be ahead. I’ve rewatched a few times, mainly because I get super emotional… I really appreciate your interpretations and presence, and I definitely noticed congruencies between the cards and my chart. I feel less apprehension and more excitement to just experience the flow of life this year and moving forward.


Hummingbird is very clearly intuitively skilled. I could tell by their body language and the delivery of what was coming up that the messages were potent and real. What Hummingbird described really clicked with "memories" I've had during previous past life regression experiences. Watching it happen over a recording just from looking at my chart was surreal and amazing! I've never experienced anything like it.


Hummingbird is a gifted channel and conduit and I am so grateful to encounter and receive her astrological work to help inform my own empowered action in the world.