Venus & Mercury conjunct Chiron

A healing loop, initiated a year ago, is being activated again today. Heartstrings are likely to be vibrating.

What were you doing right about now, a year ago?

What kind of lessons were you learning?

Which of your heartstrings were being plucked?

As Venus approaches a conjunction to Chiron this evening, you may want to create some time to take out your rose quartz, breathe deep, and let your mind drift back to March and April of 2017. There's a good chance we were all traversing some emotionally-charged territory back then--and there's a good chance we're somewhere similar now, though hopefully with a bit more sureness in our steps.

Exactly one year ago, on March 4th 2017, Venus went retrograde at 13 Aries. She finished up on April 15th, at 26 Pisces in a conjunction to Chiron, just one degree away from where they're meeting today. Kinda wild, right?

Venus Rx means our emotional awareness turns inward: it can be a great time for tuning in to ourselves, but often a pretty shitty time for trying to communicate with others. It's a chance to direct the intuitive spotlight towards your own heart. In general, holding off on relationship decisions and other potentially messy conversations is healthy advice.

Don't want to confuse ya though--Venus is not retrograde now. That doesn't happen until October. The landscape we are revisiting is Venus conjunct Chiron. It was a stunning grand finale for last year's retro period, and some of the feels we were swimming in then are likely to resurface around tonight's connection.

Situated between the inner and outer planets, Chiron often plays the role of helping us bring abstract concepts down to Earth, into our embodied, human experience. This is one way to define "healing." The combo of Venus and Chiron could illustrate this process in the realm of relationships, values, emotional awareness, boundaries... and because it's in almost exactly the same spot in the zodiac as last year, it's likely that we're dealing with similar themes.

For me, the 2017 retrograde helped me face a lot of my issues with attachment and dependence in relationship. Recently, I've been noticing a sense of crystallization around what I really want when it comes to romance, sexuality, and partnership, and I can trace my clarity back to the experiences I was having a year ago (though of course so much has happened in between.)

Two other points to note:

1) Tonight, Mercury is at 27 Pisces as well, turning Venus' encounter with Chiron into a stellium (a conjunction of more than two planets). This will help us put words to our feelings, though because of the Pisces flavoring, we may find language that makes a little space for the magical side of things to be of greater service than pure rationality.

2) The Sun is conjunct Neptune today as well. So don't worry if it feels tough to really put your finger on what is going on, or how it might play out in your life. We'll get more answers when the Sun meets Chiron on March 18th. Til then, our best bet is to keep on swimming, and letting our hearts lead the way.