Venus in Pisces - the Big Exhale

Yes, the necessary revolution around our relationship to the feminine is only just beginning. But we can give ourselves a moment to breathe out.

This evening, Venus enters the sign of Pisces. I believe this will be a welcome release for almost all of us, a loosening of some bonds surrounding the feminine archetype.

Personal planets change signs pretty frequently, and don't always merit a post (at least by me! I could never keep up), but this one feels significant.

Venus is exalted in Pisces--it's where she's happiest. She can stretch out fully, she can lose herself in the ocean, she can sink deep into the oneness and play to her heart's content.

Unlike the signs she rules, Taurus and Libra, Pisces doesn't want anything out of her; it doesn't demand any discernment. In Taurus, she's restricted by the slow-moving nature of the material world. In Libra she's held to a sense of duty to keep things beautiful, balanced, aligned.

But Pisces just says "let go!"

This time around, Venus in Pisces will offer a deep release, an exhale from the stirring up of the feminine archetype by the #metoo movement and all the uncovered secrets. Yes, the conversation is only just beginning--we are nowhere near the true, deep cultural shift that needs to happen. But we can give ourselves a moment to breathe out.

Venus is also returning to the sign where she finished last year's retrograde in a conjunction with Chiron. There is an invitation to check in with any emotional lessons you were learning around this time in 2017. The same heartstring may get plucked again, but there's a good chance you'll be listening with new ears.

I can feel her running down the beach as I write, Aquarian grains of sand slipping beneath her feet, ready to dive in to the purifying Pisces seas.