Three themes of Saturn in Capricorn

Powerful energies to work with--if we hold tight to integrity, humility, and self-discipline.

Have I said it too many times already?

Saturn's journey through Capricorn is a crucial period - and a crucial energetic - when it comes to the transformation taking place on Turtle Island as we approach the Pluto return of the United States.

Much has been written about Pluto in Capricorn (see a few of my personal fav pieces here, here, and here.) It's an intense transit already, and Saturn's entrance into the same sign promises to highlight and perhaps accelerate it. Like I've said before, Saturn has a tendency to make shit real.

It's not all dark, though! Saturn in Cap gives us a very empowering energy to work with, if we don't run away from things like self-discipline, humility, and action.

I've noticed three themes come up as I've been studying the Saturn transit.

The first I've mentioned before: Systemic Restraint. The Capricorn archetype is where many of the oppressive structures of our society have their roots. Saturn will emphasize their limiting nature, yes, but it will also give us an opportunity to see them clearly and make new choices.

The second theme is something akin to a Rite of Passage. Even many of us who are dedicated to our spiritual paths do not know true humility in the face of the universe. Especially those of us with privilege--we've never had to. I believe Saturn in Cap will instigate a needed reckoning around spiritual and emotional maturity, perhaps most directly for anyone who considers themselves a "leader."

The third theme is The Harvest. Both Capricorn and Saturn are about reality, practicality, making it happen. Although I think we will be wise to allow a wide berth when it comes to our ideas of what this might look like--I feel certain that MANIFESTATION is something we will witness in a whole new way as Saturn digs in.

Check the links above for the beginning of my explorations of these three themes.