The first New Moon of 2018

Listen closely and feel in deep... your karma is calling.

It's the first New Moon of 2018!

Falling in Capricorn (as the first one of the year always does), it asks us - quite fittingly - about our intentions for the coming cycle as well as about our action-taking ability. Cap's soil is rich with practicality and self-discipline, influences we need to carry things out.

Alongside them flows a request for honesty and authenticity--because Capricorn's shadow side can rationalize ANYTHING.

But the Universe is watching...

This new moon falls less than a degree away from Pluto's position at 27 Cap in the US Chart (Sibley version.)

It my personal belief that any soul who chose to be born on Turtle Island (or to have ended up a part of the culture here in one way or another) has a very specific kind of karma. More on this another time but for now: if you take a moment to feel deep into your heart today... you may notice a sense of destiny, or purpose.

Our karma is calling. We are here for a reason. Let's believe it--and let's move into 2018 with intentions based around that belief.

Venus is hanging out with the Moon and Sun, actually sandwiching the US Pluto at 28 Capricorn. She's reminding us that we can't ignore the importance of relating to others, even when we're chasing after our own goals. She's also asking us to claim our own values, and set boundaries to uphold them if necessary.

Finally, Mars in Scorpio is trine Chiron in Pisces. This looks like the grounding vibe of Chiron flowing from the Pisces ocean into deep, dark Scorpio. Scorpio is currently home to #metoo, the ongoing sexual assault accusations in the news, and the general concept of sexual healing. Mars has been kicking his way through it since early December. This trine is a chance for him to stop fighting quite so hard. Where in your own life might you need to soften?

Love and light on this dark night!