The Fall of the American Empire

This could manifest infinite ways! But it's happening...

Saturn is in the final hours of its transition into Capricorn as I write. By Wednesday morning it will have arrived. What does that mean?

I want to begin the Activist Astro exploration of Saturn in Capricorn cautiously. It is a theme I am sure I'll return to many times over the next three years. I believe it represents pretty massive change for those of us living in this strange experiment of civilization called "America" and on this breathtaking land (much more appropriately called by its native name, Turtle Island.)

Yet--a primary rule of astrology, in my mind anyway, is to remember that although the planets are a reflection of the energies running through humanity, they are unmanifest energies. Through our choices, we are responsible for the process of manifestation. Any astrology that disempowers the individual receiving it is a failure.

Things are crazy right now. Yes, they were always crazy, but in the US we are climbing towards a potent peak. We are completing a Pluto cycle, an event that happens every 248 years. It doesn't ever happen to a human. It happens to the institutions that outlive us, and it signifies an "evolve or die" crisis.

Ya know what I'm saying???

Pluto is currently in Capricorn, heading towards the US natal Pluto for a conjunction in 2022. Saturn entering Cap will inevitably play into whatever turn of events shows up. Cap is about systems, structure, authority, big business and government. Pluto is asking for death and rebirth around these things. Saturn has a tendency to, let's say... make shit real.

The purpose of Activist Astro is to describe these energies as we move into them, offering context for a process that is long-term and full of uncertainty. It's also to explore how we can move within them. So--one step at a time! This is my first.

May your Solstice be centered in light!