Sun Square Pluto & a Bumpy Road

Some personal fire is at odds with the Powers That Be. Conflict is likely, so caution is essential over the next week.

The aspect of the day is a potent one: Sun square Pluto. Some personal fire is at odds with the Powers That Be.

News first: yesterday, the FBI raided the office of Michael Cohen, the lawyer who has acknowledged paying adult actress Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about an affair she had with Donald Trump.

Trump, naturally, called it a "witch hunt" and an "attack on our country." He mused about firing Robert Mueller. And for good measure he brought up Hillary Clinton's emails.

Honestly, it's kinda hard to tell which side here represents the Powers That Be. But there's definitely plenty of fire, plenty of power, and plenty of tension--an Aries/Capricorn vibe if ever there were one.

Things are looking bumpy over the next week. Mercury is in storm phase, the period near the end (and beginning) of a retrograde during which its effects are intensified. After squaring Pluto today, the Sun meets Eris on Friday (some say she's a female Pluto - she's got a sharp edge for sure!) On Sunday, Mercury goes direct in the morning, and the Moon slides through Aries to meet the Sun for a new moon right next to Uranus. And next Tuesday, Chiron enters Aries, marking a new era in our understanding of ourselves and what it means to truly heal.

It's not even worth guessing at what this might look like in our shitshow of a government, but on the personal level, it's a strong recommendation for caution, and for containing one's energy. Less is more right now, especially when it comes to challenging the "powers" in your own life. Pluto and Eris aren't afraid to create chaos--and though sometimes that's necessary, we can also make choices that limit collateral damage. Mercury's storm means there's a high likelihood for misunderstandings. And the new moon means that whatever sparks you're making now could be a fire in a few weeks. So be careful.

My recommendation: know your truth and hold your ground. Don't try to take many steps beyond that; instead, wait a week or so and the path will probably open up.