Saturn in Cap: the false structures of social media

Way too many of us are rooting our identities into structures which could collapse at any instant - and probably will, as Saturn moves through.

A few weeks ago, the New York Times published an expose on the purchasing of fake social media followers.

I wanted to share my thoughts on it because I think the whole phenomenon of social media is a major Saturn in Capricorn issue, and something we should expect restructuring around over the next few years. I'm fascinated by both the specific phenomenon covered by this article - purchasing social media followers - and the more general topic of social media and the "numbers" we chase on it.

The "numbers" (even ones that aren't artificial) have become something so many people rely on for validation, for a source of motivation, for direction in their lives--not to mention their hourly dopamine hit. Several months ago I recognized (actually, I was informed very directly by my fungal spirit guides) that a friend I'd recently made no longer thought I was cool once they saw my low number of Instagram followers. (This was when I only had a personal Instagram, which I barely ever used).

That information made me laugh out loud!! What a ridiculous way to judge someone! But it was a big awakening - I started to see how deeply the "numbers" and the whole social media playground is woven into our minds. I'm guilty of it too, especially now that I have been working on my Insta presence (under a couple of alter-egos, including this one) and have started to enjoy the ongoing notices of new followers. But I hope to participate in the system while keeping my consciousness at a safe distance--because social media "relationships" are based on a structure that could disappear at any instant. People already freak out all the time about the algorithms. People have created entire lifestyles - traveling, promoting business or art, making money - around their social media presence... not to mention, on a level much deeper than we are consciously aware of, people depend on social media response for personal validation.

As Activist Astro recently noted: activists and the conscious community are just as caught up in this as the average "unwoke" mainstreamer.

We need to pay close attention, and work on rooting our sense of self into something deeper than the nebulous network of words and pictures and handles where we've been hanging out. Because at least in my opinion, that network is a bottom that could drop out from under us pretty damn soon.