Saturn in Cap: Systemic Restraint

Disengaging from the bondage imposed by the ideology of colonization.

SYSTEMIC RESTRAINT - a key phrase when it comes to understanding one of the energies being introduced by Saturn in Capricorn.

Cap and Saturn have a lot in common. They both contain themes of structure, order, and practicality. They both have lessons to offer regarding our methods of functioning as a society. And they both have an energy that can feel very restrictive, or limiting, or tight.

Western ideology - the ideology of the colonizer, by which anyone who speaks English, anyone who has grown up on Turtle Island is influenced - embodies both their shadow sides pretty intensely.

Today, our external world is essentially a matrix of oppressive systems. Our religious institutions, educational systems, corporate banks, militarized police force, ratings-based media, and completely corrupt government are just a few of the interpersonal structures that are designed to keep the vast majority of us in a strange, collective bondage.

But as we know, the outside world is only a reflection of our inner landscape.

We are all carrying this SYSTEMIC RESTRAINT around everywhere we go: in our energetic fields, our neural pathways, and the cells of our physical bodies.

Do a little reading on the word "ideology" if you're not familiar with it. It is something that is buried deep in the subconscious, passed down through language itself--the same language I am using to write this, the same language that the majority of Americans use to think every single thought.

Thus the ideology of the colonizer - dualistic, life-negating, unaware of the whole - is living within all of us.

Saturn in Capricorn is speaking directly to this fact. Yes--we may see a restructuring of the matrix. But where we need to turn the gaze right now is towards ourselves. We need to take responsibility for giving ourselves an intersectional education, the kind we never got in school. We need to shine light on the places in our own minds where racism, misogyny, oppression of sexuality, and many other insidious belief systems are keeping our own truth and love restrained.

And we need to do the deep, uncomfortable, but ultimately healing work of freeing ourself from the chains.