Saturn in Cap: Rites of Passage

The oncoming reckoning around identity, leadership, and what it means to really grow up.

RITES OF PASSAGE - the second key phrase for Saturn's transit through Capricorn.

An ENORMOUSLY important one, in my opinion, for ACTIVISM.

This theme has been thundering into my brain since I first tuned into it about a month ago, and there are so many different parts to it that I'm not even sure how to organize this post. But what's coming through loud and clear is this: a reckoning is on the horizon for all of us.

It has to do with maturity, a fav concept of both Saturn and Capricorn. Spiritual maturity. Emotional maturity. Sexual maturity. Social and relational maturity. And also, the unique type of maturity it takes to assume the responsibility of leadership with full integrity.

It has to do with privilege--something that helps us avoid the discomfort the process of maturity brings.

It has to do with where we find validation for ourselves; where we draw our motivation from; the types of relationships we value; the areas of our lives where our egos are still running the show.

And - a HUGE other topic to be explored - it has to do with social media and the internet (specifically the world wide web), and the way we have started to base our very identities on systems within it that could be gone in the blink of an eye.

Can ya feel what I'm getting at?

Beloved fellow activists--we are JUST as caught up in this as your average "unwoke" mainstreamer. We have much work to do if we hope to move through this moment in history as the conscious pioneers we desire to be. .

The ultimate question is this: how close are you, truly, to your soul?

And: how humble are you, truly, in the face of the will of the divine?

As Saturn never fails to remind us--time will tell.