On Ceres & "alternative" planets

...and a word about the intentions of Activist Astro in using them.

As the Moon shines fearlessly in Scorpio, I am feeling called to put into words a piece of the Activist Astro intention.

Writing about Ceres this morning - and educating myself on her in the process - got me thinking about the "alternative" bodies that I use in my astrology, and what kind of purpose they serve.

A lot of astrologers (even those who have studied them) don't look at the positions of asteroids, centaurs, dwarf planets and other bodies when they cast charts.

Instead, they stick to the powerful and reliable planets and luminaries of astrology dating back millennia.

In my experience, using too many "extras" can definitely make a reading unnecessarily complicated.

However, I always do a quick check to see if there are any particularly poignant alignments between primary planets and these smaller objects. What I've found is that they represent very specific energies or concepts. They don't hold a lot of weight on their own, but when they directly influence a more major player in a chart, they can offer a lot of insight.

I could really feel it with the Ceres vibe that was coming in strong as I wrote the post this morning. Ceres is conjunct the North Node; the Nodes are squaring the full moon.

North Node = growth edge. Ceres = the mother whose daughter was kidnapped into the underworld. She is feminine and fertile. Her themes include grief, nourishment, resilience, faith, suffering, and a fierce protective instinct.

At a very core level, Ceres also seems to be associated with the umbilical cord.

Right now, the karmic pathways of the Nodes are being activated by the full moon. This is tapping us in to a very specific current in the emotional collective, one represented precisely by Ceres.

At its roots, it's about our relationship to the Earth, the Great Mother--and it is about our spiritual, energetic, and physical disconnection from Her.

The Moon is shining its light from the #metoo territory of Scorpio; this is something related, but different. Its flavor is not Scorpio, but Leo--the spark of life, the reclaiming of pleasure, the fearless roar of the lion.

But it is also about grief, grief that's been endured since longer than we can comprehend.

The grief of motherhood. The grief of the Earth. And the grief of disconnection from Source.

I could go on! But the point I've been coming to is that by noticing Ceres in the full moon chart, I picked up on an energy that seemed to resonate pretty deeply with folx--my post yesterday got the second-most likes I've ever received, and the most reposts.
I feel like this is an example of the powerful role that smaller bodies can play in our journey with the art of astrology.

When we know a specific planet is strongly influencing a chart or a moment, we can open ourselves more deliberately to its teachings and themes. We can also lean in to the truth that we are not alone in our fears, our desires, and our general human experience.

Happy full moon! Feeling blessed to be connected here with so many beautiful, heart-centered, and powerful beings.