Neptune & Chiron in Pisces

The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are currently sailing through the Pisces ocean. Their presence brings to the surface influences usually lurking deep in our subconsciousness.

Feelin a lot of FLOW these days?

Not only are Mercury, Venus, and the Sun all swimming through Pisces, they have been/will be making contact with two slower-moving planets inhabiting the sign of the fishes: Neptune and Chiron. Perhaps a culmination of the energies will be felt on March 4th, when Mercury and Venus meet Chiron within a few hours of the Sun's conjunction with Neptune. However, the currents are already active, and their influence is something worth pointing out.

In mythology, Neptune is the Sea God, so he is more than comfortable in the ocean of Pisces. He tends to have a very wide orb (that means his energy can effect planets much further from him than in a typical aspect pattern, up to 10 or so degrees), and he often brings haze, fog, and obfuscation of all sorts.

Like the ocean, Neptune can be placid in some moments and full of rage in others, but he is always inherently vast, deep, and mysterious.

Chiron is a pretty different vibe. One of his major functions is to ground; to help take things from the abstract realm to real, personal, embodied forms. In Pisces, this process has to take on some unconventional means, because - let's be honest - Pisces is not always awesome at being in touch with reality. But the healing potential is also powerful: last time Chiron was in Pisces was the 1960s, and a whole new level of spiritual connection, artistic expression, and personal freedom became manifest.

So, what does it all mean right now?

When inner planets interact with bigger energies like Neptune and Chiron, it tends to bring their influences to the foreground of our personal experience. On the individual level, this might look like some intense creative downloads (Neptune), or healing around relationships and sexuality (Chiron and Venus), among other things.

In the societal realm, let's keep an eye out for news about global warming and rising sea levels. Pisces and Neptune naturally speak to the ocean; Chiron speaks to our awareness of it as an impersonal force, and of the fact that we cannot control it.

I'll dive deeper in a second post on March 4th! For now, I suggest we all work on opening to the flow.