Mercury Station & the New Moon

This weekend is about finding stillness in the storm by anchoring deep into our bodies and our truths.

For me at least, this Mercury station in Aries is emotional. It's a good feeling, like I'm a little more alive. But the imagery in my mind is a bit like clinging to a tree trunk in the middle of a tornado.

How interesting that the days surrounding Mercury's station - both when turning retrograde and turning direct - are called the "storm." It's a contradiction, right? The planet itself is grinding to a halt--but our term for it evokes wind and rain and chaos.

Here are my thoughts:

Mercury itself can be pretty chaotic, no matter what phase of its cycle it's in. When it stations, all that energy is compressed, creating even higher likelihood for tensions in communications, misunderstandings and impulsive reactions. This is especially true in Aries, where it currently resides.

Mercury retrograde has its own, separate effects--taking us back over ground we've covered; reseting our nervous systems; and slowing us down. The station direct - what we're experiencing today - is a shaking free of the retrograde's (necessary!) limitations. It's like a mini-rite of passage before Mercury's archetype starts moving forward on new ground.

Therefore, we need to stand very still--even when it feels like the storm is raging around us.

Aries probably has a harder time than any other sign controlling impulsive urges. You might be feeling so sick of your voice being stifled by the retrograde, but be cautious! Try to hold any important conversations back for a few days, or take ten minutes to meditate beforehand if you have to have one. Try not to push your projects or your creative flow.

Instead, use today and tomorrow to ground into your reality by sitting with whatever it is that you want to express. Notice your own emotions and attachments, your insecurities, your motivation, your sense of mission. What have you learned in the last three weeks? What has burned away, and what has been forged?

Because--did I mention? Tonight's also the first new moon of the Zodiacal year. Intentions we set right now are as magical as they come.