Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Mercury, our cosmic neighbor and a badass ball of iron, grinds to a halt today in Aries. Tensions - as above, so below - are high.

Mercury, our cosmic neighbor and a badass ball of iron, grinds to a halt today in Aries. Tensions - as above, so below - are high.

Just to lay 'em out:

Along with Mercury, the Sun, Venus, and Uranus are all in Aries--an intense frequency just on its own. The Sun is making a one-degree square to Mars in Capricorn, and both Uranus and Chiron (in Pisces) are near the end of their signs, creating an even more fidgety vibe. And the Moon is in Gemini, the sign Mercury rules, which means our emotional bodies are being directly affected by the station and coming retrograde.

The next six weeks or so will be a test of our mastery of Aries energy, and the coming week will be particularly intense. On March 24th, the Moon slides into a t-square with the Aries Sun and Mars. Venus is conjunct Uranus at 27 Aries on the 28th (next Wednesday), before landing in Taurus (finally!) on Friday the 30th. Also, Mercury's entire retrograde takes place in Aries, and it doesn't reach Taurus until May 13th.

Aries is one of the vibes of the zodiac I find most challenging. Not trying to hate--I have Mercury and Venus (retrograde, conjunct Lilith) in Aries. Although I am learning to work with them, they often feel contradictory to the chill, laid-back individual I'd like to think I am. They sabotage my cool.

Mercury's backward journey here will invite us towards a new level of understanding around the Aries vibration. In theory, its strengths are obvious: its the start of life, the initiative which cannot be thwarted. But how do we play that out in reality? Where can that type of untempered force be channeled, so that it doesn't wreak havoc in delicate situations? How can it be disciplined, or mastered?

If you're feeling like you're about to jump out of your skin, or like nothing is moving fast enough, you're not alone. Think (or learn!) about where Aries is in your chart, and do an honest check-in about how consciously you are using that energy. I'm sure the retrograde will provide lots of opportunities.

One more important thought:

Hopefully as a whole, we also will do some deep reflecting on aggression, a dark side of Aries being manifested in the news almost daily.

Messages are a Mercury theme. White men with AR-15s killing innocent people are trying to SAY something, even if they themselves are completely disconnected from what that might be. They feel powerless; they're in a constant state of fight-or flight; and they're sexually suppressed. All of these are Aries issues.

If we follow Mercury's call and gaze inward, what will we find in the potent Aries fire? What secrets are being whispered? What piece of ourselves is screaming to be recognized? We may need to face an inner aggressor to find out.