Mars Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn

Mars entered Capricorn with a bang on March 17th. Following in the footsteps of Saturn and Pluto, it's smashing through our already weakened structures and setting us all on edge.

I had a pretty intense #astrologyisreal moment last night, when I realized that Mars' entrance into Capricorn exactly coincided with the breaking of the Cambridge Analytica story. Our structures - and right now, particularly those in realm of social media - are breaking down.

Saturn's transit through Capricorn is also the first Saturn return of the World Wide Web. There have been ominous signs, namely the Russian election-meddling and the end of net neutrality, though many other smaller rumbles can also be heard.

We've built structures "on" the Internet, in the forms of marketplaces, various regulations, and social media (a pretty much uncharted territory.) Now we are being asked to reevaluate their efficacy.

Mars entered Capricorn on March 17th, and it showed up with bang. That same day, the New York Times reported that Cambridge Analytica, a UK data company, illegally harvested data from tens of millions of Facebook profiles and passed it to the Trump campaign during the election. Since then, prominent figures including Will Ferrel and Cher, organizations like Tesla and Playboy, and thousands of average users around the world have deleted their Facebook accounts.

(On a side note that I've just GOT to mention--I started getting a strong intuitive hit to delete my Facebook account at the end of February, and "announced" it to my network on March 5th. I've been planning my official departure for April 17, as Chiron moves into Aries. Score one for my pineal gland!)

Then on March 21st, the US Senate passed SESTA, a bullshit piece of legislation that supposedly helps anti-sex trafficking efforts. In reality, it serves as nearly compulsory internet censorship, and is specifically detrimental for professional sex workers, disconnecting them from their clientele and making it harder for them to communicate with one another. Craigslist immediately deleted their personals section, and many other platforms also made quick changes after the bill's passage.

Both of these developments SUCK--but let's not lose sight of the larger shift taking place: the collapse of rotten or false systems, and the necessity of creating new ones.

I'll have to get to all of that in further posts, though. For now, don't forget to take it down to the personal level, and try to utilize your own Mars and Saturn energies effectively. We're being asked to discipline ourselves, our bodies and our assertiveness in particular. If ya do it well, you can harness some serious power. If you avoid it, you may find your Mars "acting out" in some less-than-healthy way.

And--we'd all be smart to check in with our dependence on platforms that take away our autonomy and uproot our identities. If my intuition continues to be accurate... we're in for some major adjustments over the next few years.