Mars conjunct Pluto: testing the limits

Everything happening in the US government is ridiculous these days, but Mars in Capricorn has introduced new levels of insanity. How much will we really take?

It's a little tricky to nail down the exact workings of Mars right now.

In its current stomping ground of Capricorn, which includes the reality tv show of the US Government, there's already so much shit hitting the fan that even the warrior planet is pretty much swimming through it.

However, I do notice a couple of clear manifestations, and they seem to be testing the limits of our national resiliency.

In other words: how much insanity are we willing to stand for?

I wrote a few weeks ago about the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which broke the same day Mars entered Capricorn, revealing that about 87 million Facebook users had their personal data "harvested" illegally by an organization that worked with the Trump campaign.

Just a few days after that, FOSTA/SESTA passed the US Senate. It's a bill that carelessly lumps together sex trafficking and sex work, and resulted in the immediate closure of several platforms used by sex workers to find business and stay safe. It's likely to have far greater fallout, as many more mainstream platforms - porn sites, for example - may enact censorship to avoid the bill's legal tentacles.

Though they concern different issues, these two events have a common thread: they are major blows to some of our (already shaky) societal structures.

Capricorn is the land of these structures. Pluto and Saturn, the powerful long-term visitors there, are shaking things down, demanding the collapse and rebirth of the structures that are rotten, or based on false narratives. Mars seems to be accelerating and exacerbating that process.

The latest headline that struck me as a Mars/Cap vibe was about Trump's appointee to head the VA. Not only does he have almost no experience in Veterans' Affairs - he's been serving as the White House doctor since 2006 - but allegations are now surfacing of verbal abuse, illegal distribution of prescription drugs, and drinking while on duty. He even allegedly wrecked a government vehicle while intoxicated.

WTF, am I right???

There's no question that Mars can be a wrecking ball sometimes. But to me, there is also an underlying theme here of limits being tested.

#deletefacebook trended - but will enough individuals be willing to abandon the site to make a difference? Will there be wider backlash against SESTA if PornTube gets shut down? (Sadly, a lot more people who care about free porn than about the rights of sex workers.) Will the American people resign themselves to another man-child leading an Executive Department? Or, will we overcome our resistance-fatigue and write one more letter to the editor, call our representatives one more time?

One more fact (which makes me a bit sick to my stomach) is that today, as Mars meets Pluto, the Supreme Court is expected to deliver a decision that gives a go-ahead to Trump's travel ban. It's an abuse of power if ever there were one.

Moreover, it's another whack from the wrecking ball; another splintering of the pillars of democracy and liberty. Although the American experiment has never come close to upholding these ideals, I would argue that THEY have upheld US as a functioning, expanding society.

If they fully collapse--well, that's not really something most of us can even imagine.

One thing's for sure: now is not the time to give up the fight.