Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio

A chance to re-visit the "roots" of the #metoo movement, and learn a new lesson from the darkness we've begun to bring into the light.

Yep, that's my ass ;)

Am I an empowered woman? Or, am I a victim of the patriarchy, "sexualizing" herself to fill a void or attain power? Am I contributing to the commodification of sexuality, and therefore capitalism, and therefore colonialism, racism, sexism etc--and therefore the whole System I purport to oppose? (Because let's be honest - this social media shit IS capitalism.) And what does my actual embodied experience have to do with ANY of this?

Jupiter is turning retrograde in Scorpio. It's back-up time in a big way.

These are the questions I find coming into my own mind as Jupiter's roly-poly, expansive vibe settles down for its station tonight. Yours may be different, but they likely involve the topics of toxic sexuality, feminism, gender norms, and relationship. We've seen some nasty stuff surface since Jupiter moved into Scorpio back in Oct, and now it's time to go back over the ground we've covered.

It probably feels heavy. Activism has always demanded resilience.

Although Scorpio is a water sign, I often find imagery of soil showing up when I contemplate the archetype. It's because Scorpio is about the roots, the first chakra, the place where essential nourishment comes from--but which is also dark, mysterious, and out of our control.

Well, Jupiter's residency here has brought a groundswell of awareness to the places where society is rotten at these roots. We've seen the #metoo movement and the revelation of Harvey Weinstein and hundreds of well-known, powerful men as sexual predators. We've heard the courageous voices of women and femmes in the mainstream, speaking their truths. And we went out with a bang: last month world-known US Gymnastics coach Larry Nassar was sentenced to life in prison for molesting over 150 teenagers.

One might say we are making progress.

But this next phase is a little different--it's about delving into the internal side of things. It's about going back for a second look, facing the fucked-upness of it all with a less reactionary perspective, and taking responsibility for our own roles in the process of change.

Whew! Can ya feel Jupiter in this post? There's soooooo much more I'd like to go into, but let me leave you with this thought:

In this gorgeously poetic piece, Adam Sommer compares Jupiter in Scorpio to a fungus, or perhaps a fungal process. Under the surface of our conscious awareness, something that's been dead is coming alive. The result? Medicine--but we've got to visit the darkness to get it.

The next few months, that's exactly where we're being invited. Grab your torch, renew your vows, and remember: we're all in this together.