Join the Pisces Pool Party!

Venus, Mercury and the Sun are splashing their way through the end of the Zodiac. Sit back and feel the oneness.

Yummy.... ;)

First of all, let me give credit to this awesome piece from Planet Waves for the oh-so-clever "pool party in Pisces" imagery.

And second--I'm a Pisces! I don't write something every time the Sun changes signs - the only other time I did it was for Scorpio, my rising sign - so maybe this is a self-indulgent post. But anyway...

Welcome to Pisces season! Despite being prone to the Pisces shadow sides for long phases of my life, I have come to adore the playful, artsy, free-spirited and sometimes subversive fishes in me, and I'm grateful for an innate understanding that - on one level, anyway - everything is connected and nothing is real.

On the other hand, my Cap Moon (with Saturn creepin up) and the human experience in general continue to remind me that SHIT IS PLENTY REAL. The "everything is illusion" teaching is not one that I normally find to be a helpful storyline in our current societal situation.

However, like all the signs of the Zodiac, the Pisces archetype serves a purpose in the ongoing and infinite cycles of life. With planets gathering there now, we are invited to refresh ourselves in the ocean of oneness, and prepare for the journey ahead.

Last week, Venus took the dive; now the Sun, Mercury, and Juno are all wading in. Except sensitivity - emotional, physical, and psychic - to increase! Expect your rational capacity - such an Aquarian thing - to drop. Get out your art supplies, your guitar, your camera, your journal, and create some space to open up the flow.

Enjoy the swim! But (do I say this too much?) remember to stay grounded. Especially as the personal planets move towards Neptune, there is potential for escapism and self-destructive tendencies, so hold tight to your truth in this world full of lies. The blessing about the ocean is that we're all in it together, so let's be sure to lift each other up.

With love <3