Full Moon in Virgo (3/18)

An Earthy Moon in a watery sky...

It's that time of the month again ;)

Tonight's full moon in Virgo (exact around 8pm EST) looks like an earthy respite in a chart full of water. Although the monthly peak of the Moon's cycle tends to be charged with emotion, this one actually has a grounding influence, which I'm pretty sure is something we could all use.

Imagine the energy of a full moon like a blown-up balloon (okay, I'm mixing elements here, but anyway!) When the balloon is filled with air (or water, or in this case, Earth) all the wrinkles on its surface are smoothed out. If there is a design or a pattern on the surface, it becomes visible. Internally, empty space is temporarily filled.

When the Moon begins to wane, the balloon starts to drain. The ensuing cycle is the necessary process of emptying and filling back in--a chance to remake ourselves on the emotional level over and over again.

With so many planets in Pisces, this full moon's Virgo influence could dry things out a bit, even as it simultaneously brings them to a peak. Virgo is connected to the digestive system and the integration of ideas--there might be an opportunity here to solidify emotional experiences from the past month into more tangible lessons and beliefs.

Jupiter in Scorpio is trining Venus in Pisces (and influencing everything else in the neighborhood) at the moment of the full moon, opening up a healing flow from the Scorp underworld. Look for awakenings around relationship, sexuality, and the feminine, and perhaps an enhanced aesthetic sense.

We've also got Neptune only two degrees away from the Sun... so it might be a little hard to tell what's actually going on. But if ya feel something good--I say trust it.