Full Moon in Libra & Mercury Cazimi

This month's full moon in Libra is about RELATIONSHIPS - and skills in balance and communication it takes to pull them off.

It also coincides with the beginning and end of Mercury's synodic cycle. This makes it an especially powerful moment for setting intentions, engaging ritual, and deriving a glimpse of clarity around the fiery Aries vibe we've been working with for the past few weeks.

On one side of the sky, perhaps a little lonely, is the Moon. It's in Libra, a sign we might say it has a love/hate relationship with. On one hand, the emotional Moon is at peace in a space where beauty and connection are prioritized. On the other hand, it feels stifled from its full expression by Libra's need for harmony, and its watery nature does not feel secure in all that air. We may be feeling unsettled but also full of love.


Across the zodiac, the Sun and Mercury are about to be conjunct in Aries. When this happens during Mercury's retrograde period, it's called "cazimi," and it represents a brief opening, like a veil that momentarily drops or a window that opens and then closes again.

Typically, the effects of Mercury Rx that are the subject of so many complaints quiet down at this time. More importantly, though, Mercury's cycle of interaction with the Sun begins and ends here.

The cazimi is actually one of the most auspicious times to start seeding new ideas. It is an opportunity to use astrological knowledge (and other magic!) proactively. Mercury, after all, is the god of ideas and stories--which ultimately create the world. Its cycle takes us through a fundamental process of manifestation, which we can initiate intentionally this weekend if we choose.

Here's a good article from Adam Sommer with a much more fleshed-out take on Mercury's cycle. Or, just pay attention: what new truths do you want to claim for yourself this cycle? They likely relate to the intense Aries energy I mentioned in my last post. Your full moon experience may also have some clues, if you take an honest look at how you are balancing self & other, and how you are communicating in your relationships.

Once clarity comes in, the timing is ideal to do your own personal ceremony, releasing the old and inviting in new, higher-frequency manifestations. Take notes, and check in next time (August 8th, to be exact) to see how your ideas are playing out.