Mars in Capricorn & Out of Bounds

Smashing up the Patriarchy and breaking free from inner bonds.

Mars has just entered familiar stomping ground for us revolutionaries: the sign of Capricorn.

This actually happened yesterday, but damn, there's a lot going on! It is definitely a shift worth mentioning, however.

When personal planets (like Mars) interact with slower-movers (like Saturn and Pluto, both now in Capricorn) they tend to bring background activity to the foreground. Headlines over the next two months will likely speak to the intense process (discussed many times here on AA) taking place as Saturn and Pluto make their way through Cap in advance of the US Pluto return in 2022.

But let's save that discussion for another time, and look at things a little more personally in this post.

The other interesting thing about Mars right now is that he's out of bounds. While not that unusual, out of bounds planets are useful to pay attention to. It means the planet is getting an opportunity to experiment with new forms of expression--when it returns back into bounds, it usually feels refreshed and more capable of its job.

As most of us know from personal experience, though, periods of experimentation can often get a little wild.

If ya feel like it, check out this Steven Forrest article that explains the "out of bounds" concept well. The piece also digs deep into what this Insta-format (and my time!) barely allows me to scratch the surface of: Mars in Capricorn as a powerful moment in the fall of the patriarchy and the ongoing redefinition of gender norms. .

Essentially, Mars out of bounds (which lasts until April 17th) will have our "masculine," assertive, yang nature going a bit rogue. Because it's In Capricorn, where so many of our oppressive and patriarchal systems have their roots, we'll probably see some pushback against unusual expressions of masculine energy. .

In our individual lives, the key will be to remember that the systems of oppression are not only external: they live within our minds, our energy fields, and the cells of our bodies. Mars absolutely wants to help us free ourselves from at least one layer of systemic restraint. It wants to smash up the patriarchy! . Our job is to be cautious and honest.... and to own our shit.