Eclipse 2018 - Midpoint Check-in

As we pause for a breather between two eclipses, it's a good moment to check in with the themes they're bringing up.

In my last post, I mentioned rapids as a metaphor for an eclipse. Right now we're in the midpoint between two of them, a moment that is both potent and precarious.

We just dropped out of last week's lunar eclipse in Leo, where the Moon was conjunct the asteroid Ceres. Ceres is a complex archetype, but she often shows up as a mother or a mother figure.

For many of us (of any and all genders), something is shifting in the way we relate to women. It has to do with respect, trust, and taking responsibility. It is sort of a "growing up" process, or "coming into one's self." Last week's eclipse was an opportunity for a powerful breakthrough in this area, but stay alert--we've got another dive to make right around the corner.

The second eclipse, on Feb 15th, is conjunct Mercury, close to Venus, and happens at 27 Aquarius, right on top of the Moon in the natal chart of the USA. Mercury in Aquarius is ready to speak his mind! It will be a good day to look and listen for "messages" in all their potential forms. And if you are called to deliver one of your own, bring up your courage and do it.

This goes not only for the day of the eclipse, but anytime leading up to it. In this moment we are navigating the smooth but quickly flowing water separating our two rapids. Every choice we make is a small adjustment to the direction of our bow.

Also, as I mentioned last time, we are working with an interesting combo of tender, emotional energy (mainly from the Moon & Ceres) and a vibe that could be airy, mental, discriminatory from Aquarius and Mercury. The key here is to keep checking in with our bodies as we move through the world; and since Ceres is in the picture, to make sure we are properly nourished.

I've got to say this eclipse is manifesting on a deeply personal and intense level for me. What's it feeling like for ya'll? Any stories?

Hope this is a helpful reminder :)