Chiron in Aries & Sun/Uranus

Something is washing down the drain today for all of us.

Chiron's weighty presence has slipped past the final degree of Pisces and popped up fresh at the beginning of the zodiac. The end of Pisces is a disappearance into the oblivion--so some piece of us is truly being lost forever. With Chiron involved, it almost definitely represents a major moment of healing, and hopefully resolution.

Today is a big day for me. I'm officially deleting my Facebook, and releasing the 14+ years of old energy trapped  in that profile. Chiron's been transiting my Sun in Pisces for the past year, so I've had to do some major digging around who I am and how I want to show up in the world.

I chose Chiron's ingress of Aries to delete my Facebook deliberately, but I when I think about it, the broader timing of my journey is eerily attuned to the astrology. When I pull the plug on my old FB account, I'm literally deleting an old version of myself. .

After a year of fumbling around in my attempts to present myself online, I finally have a voice that feels authentic and some projects I'm psyched to keep building. I even use a different name now. So in this psuedo-dramatic action, I am cutting a HUGE cord and setting Hummingbird Star (that's my online alter-ego) free. .

Why do I share this? I'm proud of myself, for one thing. .

But also, because if you're doing your work, you're experiencing something similar somewhere in your life right now. It may not have a specific ritualized action, but there's a sense of finality, of a lesson learned, and of a chance to start new. And since Aries is involved, it probably does have to do with that age-old old question: WHO AM I? Look for it in your chart if you know how, and take a moment to meditate on the archetypes.

When the Sun meets Uranus tomorrow, you'll be on your way to breaking free, and coming alive in a whole new way.