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mars retrograde:

spiritual protection & the warrior archetype

For those ready to meet the warrior within.

Sunday, September 20th

1pm-3pm EST

Mars is digging in to its two-month retrograde in Aries, and the skies are literally on fire. We need protection--not only for our lungs, but for our spirits.


In these intense moments of transformation, veils are thin in the psychic realm and anything can happen. Mars and Aries both share traits of the warrior archetype, and even for those of us who don't typically resonate with imagery of battlefields and enemies, this is a time for tapping into our inner fighting spirit. Most importantly, we've got to show up as vigilant protectors of our own energy fields.

If you've been feeling fatigued, ungrounded or overly-empathic the past few weeks, this workshop is for you. I'll help you lean into your own Mars style, and share tools (somatic exercises, a visualization and some practical advice) for working with psychic and energetic boundaries. When we finish, you'll be more rooted in your body and you'll have some ideas on how to stay there.



September 20th, 2020

1pm-3pm ET/10am/12pm PT


Zoom! Info sent after registration; a recording will be sent out to everyone who registered.


$11-$33 sliding scale  

Led by Hummingbird!​ Learn more about me here.