live astrology, tarot & psychic readings

I have been offering various forms of healing work for over a decade, and connecting with clients is a hugely joyful and gratifying part of my life. I've laid out several options here, but don't hesitate to ask for something customized if you feel inspired.


dig into your innate truths and character traits, your karmic studies, and the divine timelines you're operating on

single astrology reading (60 mins/$88)

astro deep-dive (3x 60mins/$222)

a much more thorough exploration of your deep astrology, including transits, progression, and asteroid/centaur placements

tarot & more

adding cards to the mix helps you get answers to specific questions, read the energies of confusing situations, and receive messages straight from your spirit team

single tarot reading (60 mins/$88)

astro & tarot (75 mins/$111)

past-life reading (60 mins/$99)

a combined astrology/tarot reading that explores your karmic past through the lens of your south node

The Pluto Work

The Pluto Work is a beta-form package of private sessions I'm offering, which combines astrology, tarot, somatics and energy training, and is ultimately about catalyzing a multi-dimensional shift for yourself.

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