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radical self-exploration & transformation

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is a six-week course designed to help you unlock the magic of your natal chart and start channeling your cosmic superpowers towards our collective transformation. Participants will receive both individual guidance and the powerful space of a group container, where we'll all get to connect as fellow astro-lovers & revolutionary comrades.

course includes:

  • 4 group zoom calls

  • 3 group livestreams

  • 1 30 min private astrology reading (live) per participant

  • 1 recorded tarot reading per participant

  • 1 workbook for radical astrological self-exploration

  • optional private Facebook group

  • private access to recordings of calls & livestreams

  • other surprise perks!

beta-version price:



I want to name that right off the bat—because this course is for the people that are feeling it.

The astrology of the moment describes a global shakeup on a scale literally not seen since the year Babylon was founded. Old paradigms are crumbling and we are being called to rise. It's beautiful, but also terrifying and destabilizing. Of course, not everyone is affected equally: privilege encourages numbness, and many folks are still running away from acknowledging the gravity of the moment.

This course is for the ones who are NOT running away.

ASTROLOGY FOR THE REVOLUTION is for anyone who's ready to embrace their role as an imaginal cell in the societal metamorphosis we are currently undergoing. Our natal charts are blueprints for our unique contribution to the transformation of the whole. Our transits help us see our divine timelines and the lessons the universe is asking us to learn. Deep in your personal astrology is a magical alchemy that goes beyond any conscious understanding. This course is for you if you're ready to unlock it, to step into your own flame.

ya'll... we are in some seriously intense times.

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the details:

We'll open in ceremony on a group Zoom call on August 18th at 5pm PT/8pm ET (the night of the Leo New Moon). For the next two lunar cycles, we'll be on a journey together. Here's how it works:

  • We'll meet in (virtual) person four times, at each new & full moon (possibly with a bonus closing call on the Oct. 16 new moon). These calls will be a combination of ceremony, q&a, exploring the charts of participants, and getting to know one another.

  • On the weeks in between, you'll be invited to private livestreams, where I'll give presentations on different aspects of the bigger-picture astrology and the revolution it speaks to.

  • Everything will be recorded, and you'll have access to anything you miss until the end of 2020. We'll also stay connected through an optional Facebook group, and you can be in contact with Hummingbird thru email anytime.

  • Everyone gets a 30min private reading with Hummingbird, as well as a recorded tarot card reading. We'll do lives towards the beginning and use the tarot towards the end, although the timing will vary for each person.

  • There's also a workbook! This is where the radical self-exploration comes in. Over the six weeks of the course, we'll all dig into our charts personally with a workbook/process I'm super excited to offer. It's about embracing both the light & shadow sides of our astrology, and tuning in to the cosmic superpowers innate in each unique configuration of energies. Then we'll get to share and process in our group spaces, which is where the magic really happens.

  • Expect a few surprise perks - like group tarot card pulls and short guided meditations that align with the astrology :)

the dates:

Group Calls (90 mins; 5pm PT/8pm ET)

Tues., Aug. 18th

Wed., Sept. 2nd

Thurs., Sept. 17th

Thurs., Oct. 1st

Livestreams (60 mins; 5pm PT/8pm ET)*

Tues., Aug. 25th

Tues., Sept. 8th

Tues., Sept. 22nd


(*dates & times subject to change based on group needs)

Private sessions will be scheduled individually upon registration.

beta-version price:


I'm Hummingbird!

Have we met?

I'm an astrologer, channel & spiritual healer. I come from a multi-disciplinary background, which you can learn more about on my bio. This course is my return to group facilitation after about a five-year break, and I'm super-excited for it.

Working with my own astrology, and using it as a framework for understanding the times we're living in, has truly been a lifeline for me. In a moment when circumstances are historically uncertain, the astrological perspective offers a framework we can rest into, a bit of the certainty that our brains inherently crave. I hope you come away from this course feeling grounded into your truth in a new way, and empowered to face whatever the future might bring.


Do I need to know anything about astrology to take this course?

Nope! Astrology for the Revolution is designed for all levels of students, whether you're a total astro newbie or a seasoned veteran of your own chart. I expect we'll have a variety of experience levels in the group space, and I think it will be part of the magic. 

What if I can't make all the events?

Each group call and livestream will be recorded, and you'll have access to all the recordings until the end of 2020 (so you can go back for reference!) The course is designed to keep us all "flowing" together energetically even if not everyone is on every call.

What if I don't want to share personally with the group?

Although I do sense that the group connection is going to be an important piece of the course experience, I am also very sensitive to boundaries and personal autonomy. You can trust that your limits will be respected anytime you don't want to share; however, if you think you'll never want to share, or participate in a group context, this is probably not the course for you.

Will I miss anything if I don't want to be part of the Facebook group?

Nope! I'm a big advocate of humans who who choose to live their lives separately from Facebook. I'm sure we'll have some fun conversations there, but I'll make sure any important communication happens through email. (In more-developed versions of the course, I'm sure I'll use Mighty Networks or something similar, but we're in beta mode here so, FB it is, haha.)

Ready for transformation?

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