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A Psycho-Spiritual Guide to our Transformational Moment



Astrology for Activists: A Psycho-Spiritual Guide to our Transformational Moment

Astrology for Activists is a guide to the energies and timelines influencing humanity in the first few decades of the 21st century. Landing at the intersection of astrology, justice and apocalypse, it combines dozens of real-world examples with political, spiritual and archetypal analysis to tell the story of our existential predicament in stark but grounded terms. As James Baldwin wrote, "not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced." It's time to start directing the potential of astrology towards liberation, by looking at what it's truly showing us.

Weaving together themes of geopolitical power shifts, wealth hoarding, conspiracies and climate crisis, this ebook breaks down the current long-term transits in a way that is designed to help you situate yourself within the astrological framework. In a time when so many of our deeply held narratives are crumbling, it offers a lens that makes at least a little sense, and gives us something to lean into. I hope it can serve as a map for humanity's dangerous but transformational journey into the future.

35 pages; $15 - $25 sliding scale

Read the intro to Astrology for Activists here!


Mercury RX Roadmap May-June 2022

This is a three-page write-up that details the archetypes and aspects associated with the current Mercury retrograde, happening May 10th-June 3rd. It covers the energies of Taurus and Gemini, the beautiful cazimi at 00 Gemini, the eclipse season that overlaps with Mercury retrograde, and the massive mental shift described by Mercury's interaction with Saturn.

The write-up is designed to be a compliment to the workbook. In the future, I'll offer a write-up for each Mercury retrograde that can be purchased separately, but this time around the write-up is included if you purchase the workbook. You will definitely be able to use the workbook without the write-up, especially if you are already following the astrology.

3 pages


Manifestation Magic.png

Manifestation Magic with Mercury Retrograde

This is a workbook designed to support you not only through Mercury Retrograde, but through the entire Mercury cycle and each Mercury cycle to come. The first half of the workbook summarizes the most important components of Mercury's synodic cycle, introduces some science that may explain why the retrogrades are so rough, and explores how we can use all of this for our own healing and evolution. The second half consists of six pages of writing prompts, one for each phase of Mercury cycle. You can re-use these prompts for any future Mercury cycle you want to work with. You'll also find all the dates associated with the Mercury cycle for 2022.

12 pages
Price: $22 - $55 sliding scale*

*(the workbook is very thorough and genuinely worth $55, especially because the prompts and rituals can be re-used endlessly, but I also want it to be accessible to everyone. Please pay towards the higher end if you're feeling abundant, and feel zero guilt about paying the low end if you're feeling scarce. If $22 is too much for you but you feel like you really need this, email me and let me know your situation.