Hummingbird Star is an American activist, educator, writer and artist. She has a passion for the nuanced lens offered by astrology for viewing the multi-layered challenges facing the US today.

Hummingbird brings a unique variety of backgrounds to her discussion of the issues (and the stars). She has a degree in politics from Emerson College, and she spent eight years as a devoted practitioner of mind/body/energy training, particularly the Korean Sundo lineage, working as a teacher, facilitator and private healer. In 2017 she received her certification from the Neuroscupting Institute in Denver, adding a neuroscientific approach to the social and the spiritual. Her astrology is mainly self-taught, though Eric Francis is her closest influence and mentor. Other areas of interest - with less formal training - include plant medicines, tantra and sacred sexuality, mythology, ancestral healing, unpacking white privilege, and smashing the patriarchy.

Hummingbird is currently based in Virginia, where she’s a part-time caretaker for her beloved mother, who suffers from dementia. She’s blessed with a loving family who support each other in the caretaking responsibilities and she travels often—check Instagram to see the schedule! She’s grateful for the grounding, maturity and compassion that grief brings.


Finally, in case you’re curious, Ms. Star is a Pisces Sun, Cap Moon, and Scorpio rising. Oh, and Saturn’s rising too—that’s why she talks about such serious shit all the time. 


Hummingbird typically uses she/her pronouns, though you’re welcome to call her anything that feels right.

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