Hummingbird Star 

is a radical astrologer, and somatic & spiritual healer.


Hummingbird brings a diverse spiritual and educational background to the art and practice of astrology. The foundation of her psychic and energetic awareness comes from the Korean lineage of energy training called SunDo, which she studied and taught from 2008-2015. She also holds a B.S. in political communications from Emerson College.

In 2019 Hummingbird completed a mentorship in cultural somatics, a discourse and practice based around the ways that cultural trauma

Hummingbird has been following astrology since 2006, and studying it actively since 2015. As a reader she is mainly self-taught, though she brings to her sessions years of 

manifests in the body and nervous system. She works with plant medicines and many different spirit guides, and offers a lens that is political, scientific and sacred all at once.

experience as a space-holder and healer. Her

political and mundane astrology owes a lot to Eric Francis, who mentored and supported her as a writer from 2016-2018.

Hummingbird's ancestors are English & Irish on her mom's side, and Ashkenazi Jews on her dad's side. She identifies as a white, cis, hetero American woman with a queer soul. She currently has a home base on unceded Tutelo land, aka southwest Virginia. And for the astro-nerds: Hummingbird has a Pisces Sun, Capricorn Moon, and Scorpio ascendant (with Saturn rising).

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I recognize that I am a soul born into a body that has been given immense privilege at the expense and safety of other bodies. I am committed to the lifelong process of dismantling oppressive systems in all areas of life, both internally and externally, and I am committed to using my privilege to engage this process. As a teacher and as an entrepreneur, I am committed to creating a system of transparency and accountability around my work so that I can continue finding alignment with the greater movement for justice (more details on this coming in early 2021).

As a reader, my deepest promise is to hold you in your own autonomy as we explore your psychic landscape together. I am here to create a healthy, protected container, introduce you to the territory in astrological terms, and help you lean into ways to heal and transform it. I recognize that the cultural blindspots of white supremacy and my other privileges will at times filter through in my readings, and my prayer is to continue to awaken to them as they arise, and to receive feedback with humility. What I know for sure is this: you are the only one who knows your own truth.

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