Hummingbird Star 


is a politicized astrologer,

writer and somatic/psychic healer

Hi! I'm Hummingbird. I'm a white, half-Jewish, cis woman living on Turtle Island/in the USA. I bring a diverse spiritual and educational background to the art and practice of astrology. My work weaves together politics and spirituality, activism and ascension, the rational and the irrational. I'm really passionate about the way astrology can support us in the journey towards liberation, and I hope any contact you have with me or my content lights up your own revolutionary spirit.

My background is complex, and I never feel satisfied with an elevator-pitch-length bio, so I wrote out my whole life story here.

I have a BS from Emerson College in political communications, but my spiritual/energetic foundation was developed over eight years in a (pretty intense) cult associated with the Korean lineage Sundo. I started studying astrology as I was leaving that community in 2015. Since then, I've


also studied trauma & the brain/nervous system, and cultural somatics, which examines the way cultural trauma manifests in the body.

I work with plant medicines and am early in the process

of learning to facilitate ceremonies. I work very actively with a spirit team in the creation of all my content, especially the deep stuff. For all the specifics about my training/background, click here.

I was mentored in astrology from 2016-2018 by Eric Francis Coppollino. Eric taught me a journalistic approach to astrological writing, the important practice of grounding abstract astrology in real-world examples. His work with the centaurs and with Eris are also particularly influential in my understanding of those archetypes. Eric and I no longer have many narratives or values in common, but I am grateful to have learned from a pre-Instagram astrologer in my formative years.

I'm a Pisces Sun, Capricorn Moon, Scorpio ascendant (with Saturn also rising). I'm currently nomadic and traveling through Turtle Island. 



I recognize that I am born into a body that has been given immense privilege at the expense and safety of other bodies. I am committed to the lifelong process of dismantling oppressive systems in all areas of life, both internally and externally, and I am committed to using my privilege to engage this process. As a teacher and as an entrepreneur, I am committed to creating a system of transparency and accountability around my work so that I can continue finding alignment with the greater movement for justice.

As a reader, my deepest promise is to hold you in your own autonomy as we explore your psychic landscape together. I am here to create a healthy, protected container, introduce you to the territory in astrological terms, and help you lean into ways to heal and transform it. I recognize that the cultural blindspots of white supremacy and my other privileges will at times filter through in my readings, and my prayer is to continue to awaken to them as they arise, and to receive feedback with humility. What I know for sure is this: you are the only one who knows your own truth.