energy training

spiritual healing

straight up astrology

Dig into your innate truths and character traits, your karmic studies, and the divine timelines you're operating on.

  • mini-live: $44/30mins

  • full-length live: $88/60mins

  • astro deep-dive (3 60min sessions, using asteroids, progressions and other techniques to do a deep exploration of your chart): $222

tarot & more

Adding cards to the mix helps you get answers to specific questions, and opens up the door for your guides to speak clearly.

  • mini astro & tarot: $55/30mins

  • full-length tarot only: $88/60mins

  • full length astro & tarot: $111/75mins

  • past-life reading (an astrology reading that uses cards to dive into your south node and your soul's karmic journey): $99/60-70mins

spiritual & energetic coaching

This is work that people usually start with me after an astrology reading, but all inquiries are welcome. The sessions are available in packages only.

  • 6 60min sessions: $555

  • 12 60min sessions: $999

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