a course for
radical self-exploration & leaning into the apocalypse

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next ship launches March 2022

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is a course designed to help you unlock the magic of your natal chart and start channeling your cosmic superpowers towards our collective transformation. It's for anyone who feels drawn towards astrology as a tool for self-development, whether you're new to the discipline or have been studying for years. It's also for you if you're feeling the heaviness and urgency of our times, and want to catalyze your growth and actualize your highest potential. There is something that wants to rise from the ruins of our current exploitative systems. We're each imaginal cells in a new organism, and our charts hold the blueprint for our role in the rebirth.

course includes:

  • Opening introductory video with ritual for the Libra New Moon (sent out Oct. 6th)

  • 4 group zoom calls (Opening & Closing ceremonies about 60 mins each, and 2 Q & A hangout sessions that will last 2-3 hrs each)

  • 3 livestream lectures (about 1.5 hrs each)

  • Astrology for the Revolution self-paced workbook, designed to support you in the lifelong process of uncovering the magic of your natal chart

  • 3 educational videos accompanying the workbook

  • access to all recordings of group sessions and livestreams

  • discounts on personal readings (live & recorded)

  • optional invitation to the AFTR Facebook group

  • other perks TBA!

sliding scale price:

$333 - $444


we are in some seriously intense times.

I want to name that right off the bat—because this course is for the people that are feeling it.

The astrology of the moment describes a global shakeup on a scale literally not seen since the year Babylon was founded. Old paradigms are crumbling and we are being called to rise. It's beautiful, but also terrifying and destabilizing. Of course, not everyone is affected equally: privilege encourages numbness, and many folks are still running away from acknowledging the gravity of the moment.

This course is for the ones who are NOT running away.

ASTROLOGY FOR THE REVOLUTION is for anyone who's ready to embrace their role as an imaginal cell in the societal metamorphosis we are currently undergoing. Our natal charts are blueprints for our unique contribution to the transformation of the whole. Our transits help us see our divine timelines and the lessons the universe is asking us to learn. Deep in your personal astrology is a magical alchemy that goes beyond any conscious understanding. This course is for you if you're ready to unlock it, to step into your own flame.


Although I had been studying astrology for quite some time before Astrology for the Revolution, the course catalyzed a deeper and more intimate study of astrology in my life. It brought together all of the bits and pieces of my study over the years under the lens of collective evolution. I learned how to better trust my intuition and somatic responses when it comes to my chart. The workbook really brings it all together, both simply and deeply. The accompanying tutorial videos activated portals of psychic contemplation. A year later, I still refer to the workbook to continually integrate personal and collective cycles impacting my ability to offer my revolutionary gifts. Allow Astrology for the Revolution to integrate what you already know and initiate a deeper politicization and intuitive access to your astrology practice! I'm very grateful!

~Mattie Clark, Soul-Centric Guide @ The Lost Wildness (AFTR 2020 participant)

Image by Isaac Quesada

the details:

The course begins with an introductory video and invitation to personal ritual on the Libra New Moon of Oct. 6th. We'll meet for our live Opening Ceremony the next week, and start the journey. Here's how it works:

  • At the beginning of the course, you'll receive your Astrology for the Revolution workbook, along with three videos to support and guide you through it. The workbook is NOT meant to be completed while you are in the course, (and it may not be meant to be completed ever). It's a non-linear process of getting to know your psychic landscape that I hope AFTR gets you started on!

  • You'll be invited to three private livestreams on each following new and full moon (dates below). The livestream subjects are: 1) The Pluto Return of the USA; 2) Uranus in Taurus/The Big Tech Takeover; & 3) Neptune in Pisces/Human Delusion & Climate Crisis. These will combine lecture-style presentations of my research with a more ceremonial/channeled aspect.

  • There will also be two Saturday "hang-outs", more casual virtual spaces where I will take questions (both live and in advance) and where we can engage deeper group discussions around the themes the astrology brings up. These will be "drop-in" style, where folks are welcome to stay for the whole time, or move in and out of the conversation depending on their schedules. Subjects will vary, but we'll definitely cover both external socio-political issues as well as personal questions that are coming up as folks dip into the workbook.

  • 60-minute live astrology readings with me are available for course participants at a sliding scale discounted rate of $40-$70, and 15-minute recorded readings are available for $22 (prices valid until the end of the program).

  • We'll close the night of the Sagittarius New Moon (and eclipse!), December 4th. The workbook, educational videos, recordings and livestreams are all yours to keep. You'll also get to keep in touch through the private AFTR Facebook group - if you're into that kind of thing! 

  • This course will be limited to twenty participants. Two full-scholarship spots are available, with priority given to BIPOC applicants (apply here).

the dates:

Opening Ceremony
(60 mins; 5pm PT/8pm ET)

Weds., Oct. 13th

(90 mins; 5pm PT/8pm ET)


Weds., Oct. 20th
Thurs., Nov. 4th
Thurs., Nov. 18th

Group Q&As/Hangouts
(2-3 hrs; 11am PT/2pm ET)

Saturday, Oct. 30th
Saturday, Nov. 20th

Closing Ceremony
(60 mins; 11am PT/2pm ET)

Saturday, Dec. 4th

sliding scale price:

$333 - $444

Please pay what you can within the suggested range! I am still feeling out my prices on these kinds of offerings, and prefer to err on the side of keeping things accessible, but I've also put literally hundreds of hours into this material and am open to blessings from the universe :)


I'm Hummingbird!

Have we met?

I'm an astrologer and a somatic healer. I come from a multi-disciplinary background, which you can learn more about on my bio.
The first round of Astrology for the Revolution took place in the fall of 2020 .The content has continued to develop since then, and I'm so excited to share this upgraded version! Thanks for being here.

Working with my own astrology, and using it as a framework for understanding the times we're living in, has truly been a lifeline for me. In a moment when circumstances are historically uncertain, the astrological perspective offers a framework we can rest into, a bit of the certainty that our brains inherently crave. I hope you come away from this course feeling grounded into your truth in a new way, and empowered to face whatever the future might bring.

Wow, this course was loaded with opportunity for introspection and self-discovery!! There was so many informative/fun aspects to the course, notably the astrology reading was so thorough and validating. You can easily feel Hummimgbird’s love and passion as well as her desire to make everyone feel heard and seen.  She created a very thoughtful and attentive container. I felt a call to take her course and by doing so, I had big awakenings/shifts, so so glad I stepped outside my comfort zone and took it!

~Allyson Matz (AFTR 2020 participant)



Do I need to know anything about astrology to take this course?

No - but you do need to be ready to learn, and to do some of the work of researching your own chart (or at least that will help you get the most out of the program).  

Will this course be relevant for me if I'm not American?

This is actually a tough call. It feels impossible for me to be not America-centric in my material, both because of my own experience, and because America's astrology is front and center in the world right now. I have a personal, embodied understanding of American psychology because I live here. I feel much less qualified to analyze events outside the US where I don't have that intuitive grasp on the culture--so, I don't focus there much. Ultimately, if you're concerned about this, trust your body's guidance. If you're an embodied "yes" to the overall concept of this program, I trust there will be plenty of relevance to your personal situation, wherever you are on the globe.

What if I can't make all the events?

Each group call and livestream will be recorded, and you'll have the option to download all the files (also good so you can go back for reference!)

Who is this not for?

If you're not down for real talk about systemic oppression and climate collapse, this is probably not the course for you. Also, there will be a bit of Astrology 101 content (simple definitions of signs, planets etc) but it's not the main focus of the program, so if you're looking for that kind of education you might be disappointed.

Are payment plans available?


Will I miss anything if I don't want to be part of the Facebook group?

Last year's Astrology for the Revolution course sold out, so if you feel a grounded "yes" to the program, I'd recommend getting registered as soon as you're ready.

Ready for transformation?

KInda sorta. Email me if you want to know more: You can also apply for the scholarship spots here.

What are the extra perks?

Nope! I'm a big advocate of humans who who choose to live their lives separately from Facebook. I'm sure we'll have some fun conversations there, but I'll make sure any important communication happens through email. Next time, I hope to work through some kind of alternative community platform like Mighty Networks but - not quite there yet.

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Should I wait until the last minute to sign up?

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