The United States is facing a cosmic reckoning.

According to the astrology, between 2020 & 2025, we're being called to re-incarnate ourselves as Americans, and to face our enormous shadow as never before. It all centers around Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, transformation and evolution. The potential for greater collapse is high. But there is also a potential for us to birth something completely new on this land, a society that truly does its part in bending the arc of history towards justice.


Activist Astro is astrology for anyone who hears the deep, soul-level call to show up to this work. It's for people who are ready to look at the dark side of the entity we call "the USA" and take responsibility for dismantling the destructive systems it thrives upon. It's for people who are ready to talk about racism, capitalism, patriarchy and all the other conditioning that lives on every day in our own bodies & minds. It's also for people who know that there is no separation between our work to dismantle the oppressions in our culture, and our spiritual growth and personal healing.






I'm Hummingbird!

yep, that's me all dramatic & blind-folded up there, but I've got a joyful side too! I'm here to bridge the worlds of 

ascension & activism. 

I'm super excited about

the ways we can use astrology for personal & cultural healing, and to help us move forward on the journey towards liberation. 

I believe that the work Pluto is calling us into is what the transformative justice movement works towards every day: change that happens on the individual level, leads to shifts in our relationships, and ultimately transforms our systems and institutions. My private work, as well as all my content, is intended to help us engage this change consciously and proactively.


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I also do lots outside the world of astrology. Visit my personal website to learn more about me!

If you've read this far, I hope we're vibing, and I'm so so grateful to be on the journey together with you. I'm dedicated to bringing you transformational astro content, that is aligned with the movement towards justice and designed to lift us up and offer us guidance on the way there. (As a cis, white woman I am also dedicated to my own lifelong process of deconditioning; see my bio for more on that).


As you explore my work, you'll learn more about the Pluto Return of the USA and the moment of metamorphosis we are entering into. I believe we are the imaginal cells, and we are already aligning ourselves into new patterning and networks that catalyze our magic and serve the whole, in ways we can barely begin to see. Maybe you can feel what I mean.

Thank you so much for being here.

with love,



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