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Maybe you already feel it in your bones: the United States is facing a cosmic reckoning. The racist, imperialist shadow of this country is coming to the surface like never before.

According to the astrology, between 2020 & 2025, we're completing an important cycle for the first time since the "birth" of the USA in 1776. It all has to do with Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, transformation, evolution, and karma. And the fact is that the entity of "America" has a massive karmic debt to pay.


The events of 2020 catalyzed some awakening about systemic issues like racism and capitalism, but overall, the "mainstream gaze" continues to look away. The programming runs deep—but the Pluto Return of the USA, which peaks in 2022, will make it impossible to ignore this country's brutal history. The systems and structures that comprise "the USA" are built on the rotten foundations of slavery and genocide and therefore are spiritually and energetically weak. It's always been only a matter of time until they collapse.


Yet Pluto also speaks to the survival instinct, to metamorphosis, to transcendence of space and time. During this rare transit, there is a potential for us to birth something completely new on this land, a society that acknowledges its past, embraces its responsibilities and truly does its part in bending the arc of history towards justice.


Activist Astro is astrology for anyone who feels the soul-level call to show up to this work.

My content probably won't interest you if you're not ready to look at the dark side of the entity we call "the USA" and take responsibility for dismantling the destructive systems it thrives upon. I write and share for people who want to have conscious conversations about racism, capitalism, patriarchy and all the other conditioning that lives on every day in our own bodies & minds, and for people who get the fact that there is no separation between our work to dismantle the oppressions in our culture, and our spiritual growth and personal healing.

If these conversations are what lights you up, you're in the right place. 


What I hope to offer with my content is an accessible "education" that combines astrology and other spiritual perspectives with a justice-informed, politically aware lens, and offers a framework for us to lean into during these times when so much else is uncertain. The astrological timelines and archetypes give us a multi-dimensional map of the collective experiences we're moving through. Having the map is not the same as going on the journey, and knowing the astrology is not the be-all end-all of the work of the Pluto Return. We all have a role to play in the transformation. My hope is that the astro can help us each step into our role with a little more trust and a little more power.

I'm Hummingbird!

I'm the face and voice behind Activist Astro. I'm an astrologer and an activist with a background in somatics and energy work (among other things). I'm really glad you're here! I offer private astrology and tarot readings, with both live and recorded options, as well as deeper somatic/energetic healing packages. I also love to customize requests for folks based on what kind of transformation they need—contact me here if you want to explore that option!

You can learn lots more about me by exploring this site, as well as my personal website. The best way to stay connected is through my monthly newsletter, the Astro-Drop. I also offer weekly forecasts, new & full moon messages, and breakdowns of all the major transits on the Astrology for Activists YouTube channel. You can find me on Instagram @activistastro and








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